Life’s seriously funny!!!

Hello to all who inhabit this planet and understand English… Ur comprehension of this blog will most probably end here… from here on, you shall be ushered in to a new dimension. (after x,y,z n time) I have come to realize this at a time when I see “blogging” becoming an integral part of GenNow netizens.

For a non-blogger like me, it is an incredible feeling to be able to “blog” (technically) or just transcend a verbal diarrhea (not so technically) into bits n bytes in a parallel world (where MBs & GBs are more important for survival than Oxygen).

In case you are still reading, I thank you for your patience. Now that you have been kind enough to come this far, maybe I should write something more relevant to the title.

My life (at least i think its mine unless I “wake” up like Neo) has been that of a typical Mumbai suburbanite who was born in a world without cell phones or the Internet (I m still a homo sapien.. not a Neanderthal). Growing up without Playstations and Ipods was fun. (no kidding). Being a renegade always fascinated me (not to my family though). Thanks to my buddies in school, my gang was singularly responsible for dawning a new era of pranks and mischiefs!! My sisters (both elder and the epitome of sincerity) were kind enough to help me grow my ears outwards (never mind the pain). My teachers at school helped too. Life was good. All I did was study, play cricket, eat and sleep (not necessarily in that order). Its funny when you realize what freedom you enjoy being a kid.

College was fun too. Notwithstanding what i was studying, I was only glad to have broken the cardinal rule of my family (joining junior college in science stream). Situated in a posh locality, those days were spent more on learning the primitive form of attracting the opposite sex rather than appreciating the modern & civilized society we live in.

Then came university!! and with that, came some seriousness to ultimately showcase your ability (in whatever form or style) and defining a career for yourself!! (yeah rite!!) In hindsight, I feel, i have lost many precious moments when I took life rather seriously.

This, I feel, is the single largest drawback of the human society. We are conditioned since birth to be someone which, we may later realize, we never wanted to be. And then its too late. All this while, we are asked to “get serious” about our lives. For who and for what? I feel glad to have walked a path not known or patronized by anyone in my influence circle, and i enjoyed every moment of it!! so far…. n hope to continue enjoying it… till i die!! (or wake up like Neo and start fighting Agent Smith)


2 responses to “Life’s seriously funny!!!

  1. of the rare times i agree with naju-ism i agree on one thing life was far better without ipods playstations and cell phones

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