One must RISE to the occassion…

As I stood there in the light…
A thousand eyes shone down on me so bright…
Like a rising storm, clouds in formation,
I realized, one must RISE to the occasion

As life took me through its many twists n turns,
Filled with joy, n with some burns…
I did not stop, despite any persuasion,
‘coz I always believed – One must RISE to the occasion

I’ve come this far, I feel complete.
The road I took, often endless, seldom discreet,
A guiding hand shone above, led my dreams to fruition..
It was HE who taught me – one must RISE to the occasion

As I stand now, at yet another crossroad,
Trying to choose between hell n a heavenly abode.
I feel alone, at a loss of direction,
But then I remember, one must RISE to the occasion.

With this faith, deep in my heart,
As I move on, saving my world from falling apart
I see the road coming my way in clear impression
N yet again – I will RISE to the occasion.