Thanks Grandpa for being from Jabalpur :)

Suddenly, I get a notification of a “Friend Invite” on FB. I wondered who it is this time!! Is it some old friend from school (whom I have lost touch with for more than a decade!) or some desperate soul asking me for job opportunities (Yes, I have recd many such requests, but shall not take names to save them the embarrassment). Or maybe someone who knows a friend of a friend of mine on FB and wants to know if I can introduce him/her to another friend of a friend of mine (I know, it’s complicated) so that they can get together (and probably make babies one day?? or not!!!).

But this invite was different. (“Maggie tomato sauce” type different). It did not fall in any of the categories listed above. It was an invite from a complete stranger. My usual instinct is to first check if there is any remote connection betn us (Even if the person knew the ice-cream vendor outside my school or something as weird!!). But, despite my sincerest efforts to establish some connection, there existed none!! Naturally, suspicion was my first instinct. To add to the confusion, Lo Behold!! the invite was from a gal!!!

So I check her profile out. Hmm… a gal from Hyderabad working in the IT industry who is a fan of some English football club and loves heavy metal music. (In short, the exact opposite of me). I also checked some of her album pictures. That she wasn’t someone who could make anybody take a 2nd look at herself would be a definite lie 🙂 (Socrates sayz – The cure for ‘luv @ 1st sight’ is a closer 2nd look 😛 ).

After my initial screening et al of her profile, I decide to investigate further. (Can’t take anything on face value, occupational hazard I guess). I write her a message – to check whether we do know each other or was she looking for some other guy named Najmuddin (what are the odds of that!!!!) and landed up on my profile instead. Her reply was of the kind of stuff that history is made of!!! (ok, maybe that was a little exaggerated, but ya’ll know me 😀 )

She replied – We got nothing in common. Though, she was still looking for me. (well, not exactly, but till I reveal the secret, let me be in this illusion 🙂 ). She reasoned, that her grandfather was from a city called JABALPUR & that she has a “special” place in her heart for that city (& the ppl too :P). Based on this reason, she thought that WE could be friends. (I kid you not!! Trust me… that’s what she said). Initially, I found that reason rather absurd. I wrote back clarifying that I din’t belong to that city as such (the last time I went there, I was still in kindergarten!!). Just that my grandpa was from that city and hence my surname.

So, as crazy as it sounds, she & I are friends today because of a city. Because of 2 people who belonged to the same city at some point in history (maybe they were friends themselves… who knows!!!). Because 2 generations down the line, they would have probably liked their grandchildren to find each other on FB (well, they wouldn’t have known about FB then, but wht the heck!!). Because no matter how much u try to do rational/logical things, life has this incorrigible way to amaze you with such completely irrational events. Because there still are ppl in the world (thank GOD for that) who believe that you can be friends….. for reasons that don’t make sense.

Here is a free tip to everybody who thinks that making friends is tough…. Go check where your grandpa came from… As for me, I thank mine for being from JABALPUR 🙂

Glad to be a “JABALPUR” WALA !!!


3 responses to “Thanks Grandpa for being from Jabalpur :)

  1. all the four generations above me have been brought up in mumbai. looks like i have some good million choices:)

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