So grave the con of MAN

So grave the con of man

For HIS angels seek him in the alleys of the DARK,
and he hides himself in HIS light…

For he wages a war in HIS name,
he yearns to gain a martyr’s fame

That man shall be in peace, was HIS dream
In the shadows of the DARK, in the glow of the light, whatever the realm

But he raged a war so old, of HIS holiness behold,
Of good against evil, of man against devil.

But who is the devil now ? Does he truly know ?
For HE is watching & has seen him fall this low.

But HIS mercy knows no bound,
Only if he could hear HIS sound…

he forgets this is HIS world & he is but a passing guest,
On Judgement day, he will face HIS ultimate test.

No sooner than he speaks he killed in HIS name,
Shall the doors of hell open & throw him in HIS flame.


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