I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I spend 500 bucks on a grand buffet without blinking an eye, but then, I will bargain for 5 bucks with the auto-driver… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I treat a girl I met a few months back in a 5-star restaurant, but then, I will treat my childhood buddies for only a vadaa pav & a cutting chai… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I drive an expensive car with latest features like on-board GPS, Bluetooth enabled integrated speakers etc, but then, I will find the cheapest mechanic to service the brakes… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I hate all the reservations in the Indian Education System and complain about it all the time, but then, I myself get forged “Creamy Layer” & “OBC” certificates made to gain admissions… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I loathe at corrupt politicians making tons of black money & express my open support to social activists, but then, I will ask my supplier to avoid making a formal invoice so that I can save the 14% government tax & convert the entire invoice amount in black… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I expect honesty from the government in all their dealings, but then, I will submit false rent receipts to claim House Rent Allowance to avoid Income Tax… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I feel like running over all those maniac pedestrians on the street who think their “fathers own the road” (Tere baap ka road hai kya??), but then, I will look with absolute contempt to that a**hole car-owner trying to speed through a crowded street (Badde baap ki aulaad hai kya?)… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I curse the idiot at the check-out counter of the store for taking so long, but I will scorn at the ‘impatient a**hole’ behind me when I’m at the counter myself… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I only eat at Italian, Chinese, Mexican, American cuisine restaurants in India, but then, I will carry bags full of Indian spices when going to these same countries … Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

I take pride in my “modern” & “western” up-bringing with parents who “encouraged” me to talk in English since childhood, but then, I will still touch my grand-parents feet & visit the temple/church/mosque on all religious occasions… Yep, I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

Above all, I may hate a lot many things about India (and Indians)… be it the corrupt government, bad roads, poor infrastructure, exorbitant fuel prices, unruly crowds, cheating shopkeepers et al, but my blood will boil at the slightest abuse of my country(and my countrymen) by any foreigner!

Yep, I AM an Indian &…



16 responses to “I’m an Indian & WE ARE LIKE THAT ONLY!

  1. Well… seems in Belgium we are like that too. Of course some variant for the family habits but I recognize all these items over hear.
    Jacques Brel was singing “c’est comme cela depuis que le monde tourne… il vaut mieux ne rien y toucher” = It’s like that since the world is going… we better do not change anything”
    We’ll I still hope more people to become conscious over their life and choice… mainly about money, government and street behaviour ;-).

    Thanks for this nice text.


    • Thanks Laurent,

      Nice to know our worlds are not so different afterall… Expecting people at large to change calls for a huge social effort (esp when there are a billion people!!) But then, i think change comes one person at a time 🙂


    • Hi Boka,

      Agreed. This post is only my take on how Indians generally behave. Not all cases are applicable to any single individual of course.

    • Thanks Souvik.

      Well, I am making full use of my “democratic” right for freedom of expression 🙂 🙂

      But generalizations aside, those statements are very likely to manifest in everyday life of any ordinary Indian. Not necessarily altogether. Not necessarily for the same type either. It could happen to anybody, anywhere, anyhow…

      As always, appreciate your comment 🙂

  2. A jolly good read my friend and a true testament of the human condition, regardless of race. Reminds me that human beings have far more in common than the things that makes them different from one another. If not, perhaps there’s a little bit of Indian in all of us 🙂

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