The HAIR Supremacy: A CLOSE Shave.

A distant dream sometimes comes along,

to remind me of a glorious past.

When the winds blew playfully through my thick mane,

And the admiration would so forever last.


But now is an era of blades & creams,

An arduous task, boring as hell it seems….

Staring at my reflection in the mirror i wonder,

What if I don’t shave today, would it be a blunder?


Conditioned by society, driven by rules,

A corporate junkie must shave, a stubble is for fools…

As I reach out to my Mach-5 (oh yes, i go for the very best!),

My cheeks silently scream, but to no avail, the razor is in full zest!


Lo behold, the swords come down like a lightning strike,

A bloodshed ensues, as the mighty warriors put up a fight,

Their fate sealed, they wither away in the silent oblivion,

Their future generations awaiting the same fate, come morning sun.


As I forego those days of bouncing scalp hair,

A tragedy unfolds to a new regime of skin care,

This new reality worries me non-stop…

Now I use more shampoo on the side than on top!!


Creative Inputs by: Vije Vijendranath


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Coming soon – ┬áThe HAIR Ultimatum: The BALD Truth.