Art of War

Lie still, very still.

Await their steps, as they draw near

Pretend to be under their spell,

Consumed by their fear.


Awake you must stay, as the night goes on,

The doors firmly locked, any escape clearly blocked.

Remember your desperation, the broken bond

For this is your time, keep your ammunition stocked.


Draw them very close, make them feel so bold,

Submit to their will, pretend yours to be the one which fell

And as they are about to take your soul,

Make them regret the day they left hell.


Show no mercy, bend every rule,

Look perfectly calm, hit with all your strength.

They must know what it is to be cruel,

They must know, of revenge’s sweet scent.


Once you’re done, clean up the mess.

Put on a suit or that non-pure dress.

Try to look perfectly nice

& they won’t notice the rage inside.

Your eyes will show insanity

They shall, by your rules, forever hide.



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