From rags to riches. Well, almost.

What i post: Having a lavish dinner at the Taj Mahal hotel.

What i actually do: Just have a cup of tea at the hotel and then head out to Bade Miyan’s later.


What i post: Telling my juniors at work how awesome their work has been and how much i appreciate their contribution to the company.

What i actually do: Give them a raise which doesn’t even beat the inflation rate.


what i post: My brand new Apple gizmo.

What i actually do: Buy an apple (the fruit), take a bite off and then put a photo-shopped picture of that apple.


What i post: Enjoying the good life in the business class lounge at the airport.

What i actually do: Buy an economy ticket and then shamelessly ask for an upgrade at check-in.


What i post: A critique of the airline food and blame the airline for cutting costs and serving horrible food in flight.

What i actually do: Order a vada pav from the tapri nearby during lunch time.


What i post: Partying hard with friends to celebrate my 30th birthday.

What i actually do: Take my friends for a walk on the beach and treat them to street food.


What i post: Pictures of awesome recipes that I make getting inspired by Master-chef.

What i actually do: Make insta-noodles in the microwave and order those recipes from nearby restaurants.


What i post: a gym-selfie showing what a gym-rat i am.

What i actually do: 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill and then a 30 minute break.


What i post:  Riding down a mountain road on a sports bike tagging it with some cocky punch line like “me and the open road”.

What i actually do: Get off the bike, return it to the real rider and then get back on to the bus.


What i post: Picture of the new guitar bought to impress girls in college during camp/beach trips.

What i actually do: Never pay for a tutor to learn how to even play the guitar and lock it up in the attic.


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