Out of the shadows.

Dark night, dark moon.

An impossible journey begins,

The last full measure of strength,

I muster, to survive long enough till it ends.


Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.


Resurrection is what I seek,

Determination, my faithful staff,

Sure, time has made them limbs weak,

Yet, my will brings them back to life.


Resolute will. Resolute will.


A mountain awaits.

It’s summit taunting me, yet again.

Mocking me, oh that intolerable insult.

That audacity. That arrogance.


Keep faith. Keep faith.


No, I don’t ever pray.

But tonight, I’m on my knees.

Knocking, on His door, His paradise,

On my torched soul, to blow a gentle breeze. 


Gentle breeze. Gentle breeze.


Such a beautiful life, rich in desire,

Deep inside, a raging fire.

No, I won’t change my mold,

No matter the consequences are dire.


Won’t change. Won’t change.




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